ready to buy a painting?

what to do now:

1. find some photos

2. pick a canvas size

3. pick canvas thickness

4. email me

5. pay half

6. wait nervously

7. brag to your friends

8. get email from me

9. pay second half

10. hang on wall



CONGRATULATIONS! You are probably one of the few people you know who are about to commission a painting from a real artist! How exciting for you. You should probably mark this day on your calendar and brag a bit to your friends. But before you do that - maybe we should nail down some specifics. The best way to do this is to email me. Probably also you should find a few photos of the animal or place you'd like me to paint. Online/emailed photos are awesome. Maybe too you should think about what size you'd like. The smaller the size... the smaller the painting looks on your surprisingly large wall. If you'll notice... many walls are taller and wider than you are. So, a painting that is easily held in one hand may look pretty small hanging on your wall. Though I will absolutely paint whatever size you ask for... I'd suggest sizes between 16x20 - 24x36 for most situations. 18x18 or 24x24 are awesome sizes for head-only paintings, and a square canvas has a "modern" or "pop-art" quality. If you are more of a traditional-type of person, I'd suggest a two/thirds rectangle such as 24x36 - where one side is two/thirds the length of the other side. This classic dimension gives a traditionally elegant quality. Also... though it may make little difference in the final outcome of the painting... if you have a particular "favorite" artist... I'd be interested in trying to keep this in mind while working on your painting. Finally - after you've settled on some photos, a size, and we've emailed to figure out the price... I ask for half of the money up front and the other half when I'm finished. On the off chance you don't have the money for the second half, well then, I keep the painting. For this reason, I try my hardest to make all the paintings good enough that I wouldn't mind keeping them myself... though I must say... I probably would rather just get the second half of the money. On the off chance you hate the painting when I'm done, well then, I'd appreciate if you spared my feelings and paid me the other half and said you loved it. If this isn't possible... I'd listen to your thoughts and consider making the changes you'd like before collecting the second half. This is a tricky area though... if I perceive you as mean and insulting... I might be kind of hesitant about redoing parts of it. I'm kind of touchy that way. But, if you're nice and reasonable... by all means, I'd rather you have a painting you like than a painting I see turn up at the Goodwill in 6 months. But... if all fails... you've paid half... I've finished the painting... and for whatever reason you don't want to pay the second half... I will keep the painting and be resentful towards you for a long time. I guess that's pretty much it. Thanks!