if i get feedback, i post it here for you to see..."

I love the pic so much, I am wishing that I waited to pick it up until her birthday because it's to hard to keep it from her! :) I showed it to my step dad and he thought it was amazing and he said that my mom was going to cry and then I showed it to my
sister and she said she never expected it to turn out to well and also that she was going to cry. And I showed it to my 15 year old step brother and he said "oh man that's so tight"! so in other words he thought it was great too. I also want to compliment your awesome business card. I will be sure to brag to everyone I know who has pets about you. Thanks so much again!"

"Hello Amy,

I can not tell you how thrilled Duane, Cricket and me are with the portrait you did, it is truly perfect! We love it!

Wanted to pass a long this photo. I took a photo of your portrait on the same spot on the couch where Cricket's photo was originally taken. Just amazing! Looks like it's really him!

Fantastic job!

"Hey Friends!

I just got this painting of Bodhi to give Andy as a birthday present from my dear friend Amy who is currently an unemployed talented artist. If you want a painting of a pet or want to give one as a gift to a friend, her prices are reasonable and her work is outstanding. Her website is www.susamy.com, check it out!

She can easily ship them ANYWHERE and all she needs is a picture. I got mine in Seattle and she lives in Minneapolis.

Feel free to pass this on to others.




"Linked In only lets me choose three attributes to describe Amy, but in addition to "great results" "good value" and "creative" I would very much like to add "high integrity" and "on time." She's also pretty expert and personable. It doesn't even give you a category for funny. I asked Amy to do a portrait of my beagle Wini because I'd liked what she'd done for other people. It was an easy process: I emailed a photo of my dog. She asked me which artists I liked, I mentioned Toulouse Latrec. Less than a week later she delivered an absolutely lovely and seriously underpriced canvas. I highly recommend her services."

"SO pleased, Amy. What a magnificent painting. It will be VERY hard to keep it from my wife until her birthday (4/23), since I want her to see it so badly...

Thank you so much. We will treasure it forever."


"Amy painted a portrait for me. She did an amazing job. I think she has a real talent for capturing the personality of her subjects."